Late Mr Dwarka Nath Kalsi


Late Mr Dwarka Nath Kalsi was a renowned Shoe manufacturer in India. In his tenure, he had made substantial contributions to the Leather Industry and was duly Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for it. The aura that he created in his persona is still deeply revered and remembered by the Shoe fraternity of India and across the globe.
He was also sensitive to society and always felt the need to give back to his countrymen. Many social trusts and foundations are still functioning under his name till today. As a true mentor, our Late Chairman prophesied few commandments that are Humility, Hard work, Patience, Honesty and Integrity. These characteristics are what Legends are made up of.
The deep-rooted passion for adventure and sports was the other side of his striking personality which drove him to be a Licensed Pilot and a passionate Boxing player.